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ACE 031

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ACE-031 is a myostatin-activin pathway inhibitor and works by promoting muscle growth by binding myostatin [1; 2]. Moreover, ACE-031 is known as a ‘fusion protein’, meaning that it contains a portion of the activin receptor type IIB and IgG1-Fc. In addition, ACE-031 functions to stop the inhibitory effect on muscle development  [3]. ACE-031 is also known as a therapeutic which has previously been under investigation for its involvement of treating certain diseases and illnesses that lead to a loss of muscle mass, strength and function [4].

How it works

Briefly, ACE-031 acts on myostatin. Myostatin, which is also known as growth differentiation factor 8 (GDF8) is expressed by skeletal muscle and functions as to inhibit muscle growth [5]. In addition, a loss of myostatin function is known to increase muscle mass in various animals along with humans [6]. Moreover, GDF8 has a central role in maintaining skeletal muscle which also negatively regulates muscle mass.

Within the context of muscular dystrophy, sarcopenia and cachexia tweaking or changing the myostatin signalling has been known to be a target for increasing muscle mass [12]. Having good metabolic health is determined by a strong health of skeletal muscle, fat and  bone mass. As one ages, a decline in skeletal muscle mass and strength often leads to other abnormalities such as osteoporosis and impaired function [7].

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ACE 031

ACE 031

Build Muscle